Compromised Website Recovery

Not that long ago, it was only the high-value organizations – financial corporations and the like – that drew the attention of hackers. Those days, however, are over. Researchers estimate that a website is hacked every five seconds, with more than 16,000 webpages being infected or compromised every day.

Hacking tools have become so cheap and commonplace that hackers are now equipped to attack whomever they please, and whichever hour they choose. Even the smallest of businesses now have to worry about their network security and protection.

If you have been hacked, you may have found out in the worst way imaginable: your customers. It’s also possible, however, that your site was blacklisted by search engines for hosting malware.

We treat a compromised website as the critical situation that it is. Our first step is to back up your website. From there, we will work to identify and remove the malware throughout your account.

After we have completed the cleanup of your website, we ensure that all of your immediate security issues are addressed through our GetSafe program, which will keep the website secure.

If you have been hacked, contact us immediately.

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*We will make our best attempt to handle your call regardless of time. If you are unable to reach us, we will return your call as soon as possible. We understand these situations are an emergency and we treat it as such.